X Mount

Strong enough for a U lock but light enough to be forgotten, our X-Mount replacement frame pump mount is as close to Superman as it gets.

  • Our new on-bike CO2 inflation mounting system. Made from high-strength glass reinforce nylon, this mount easily straps anywhere on your bike for quick and convenient access to your CO2 inflator. Works with all of our CO2 inflators and CO2 cartridges. Carrying our products on your bike has never been so easy!


    • Versatile Design
    • Use with many Genuine Innovations Bicycle Inflators
    • Includes hook/loop straps to secure the inflator and to mount to Bicycle
    • Built-in dust cap keeps dirt and debris out of Bicycle inflator nozzles
    • Lightweight

    Part Number: G2636

    • Glass reinforced nylon with rubber grips and velcro straps.
    • Weighs only 10.6 grams.