Seat Bag Inflation Kit: Tri/Road- CO2 Inflation Kit

Train heavy, race lite! The Tri/Road Seat Bag Inflation Kit has everything our regular Seat Bag offers in a smaller package. Whether you’re gearing up for a full distance triathlon or just prefer a smaller saddle bag, this is the kit for you.

  • Our complete solution for all of your flat tire needs in a mini seat bag. Comes with everything you’ll need to repair & inflate multiple flat tires. After patching your damaged tube, inflation is a breeze. Twist-to-inflate technology makes this easy to use. Fully controllable, just thread cartridge onto the CO2 bike tire inflator, tighten until cartridge is pierced, press nozzle onto the valve, then twist cartridge to release gas into the tire. Takes only seconds to fill your tire and you’ll be back on the road.


    • Includes our Microflate Nano, with Twist-to-Inflate technology.
    • Includes two 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges.
    •  Includes a small patch kit & two tire levers.
    •  All packaged in our NEW seat bag with reflective “piping” & light mount
    • Valve interface: Slip onto Presta or Schrader valves.

    Part Number: G2507

  • • Cartridge compatibility: 12, 16, 20, 25 gram threaded CO2 cartridges & Big Air!

    •  Construction: Glass reinforced nylon with brass internals.

    • Weight: 23 grams

    Seat bag specs:
    • Volume: 17.5 cubic inches (290ml)
    •  Size: 6”x3”’x3”
    •  Weight: 49 grams
    •  Construction/ features: Rugged Polyester, Reflective rubberized piping, mesh pockets on flap and side wall to secure items, and light mount. Velcro strap attaches to any bike seat post.

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