Second Wind Road Combo CO2 Hand Pump (Carbon) – CO2 Tire Inflator

High pressure, low volume, complete freedom. The Second Wind Road will inflate your road bike tire to 90 psi in less than 100 strokes. Not fast enough? Hit it with CO2 and get back on the road in no time. Just twist
to inflate.

  • Small and light weight, this combo CO2/hand pump bicycle tire inflator will always keep your tires up and running. Fully controllable CO2 bicycle tire inflation along with high pressure hand pump built right in makes this the only pump/inflator you’ll need to carry. Works with threaded CO2 cartridges only. To inflate with CO2, screw CO2 cartridge into pump head, attach to valve stem (presta only) and twist cartridge to inflate tire. For manual inflation, attach pump head to valve stem and begin pumping. It’s that easy!


    • Aluminum  Road hand pump with back-up
    CO2 inflation built right in!

    •  Twist-To-Inflate technology for fast, easy & controllable CO2 inflation!

    • Valve interface: Slip onto Presta (Not compatible with Schrader) • Includes one 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridge

    Part Number: G2529

  • • Cartridge compatibility: 12, 16, 20, 25 gram threaded.

    •  Construction: Alloy & Glass reinforced nylon with brass valve internals.

    • Weight: 63 grams