The Genuine Innovations Story

It all starts with two atoms of oxygen and one atom of carbon. It seems like such a little thing to begin with really. Combine that with the compressed force of 900psi and you have something truly “innovative”.  25 years ago the idea of taking our planet’s second most abundant gas and using its power for inflation was born. The concept that a significantly lighter, smaller and faster way to inflate flat tires could be carried in a jersey pocket was revolutionary. This idea was quickly adopted by cyclists of all levels since there was nothing like it at the time. Today millions of riders around the world put their trust in our CO2 inflation products.

Since 1989, Genuine Innovations has been setting the standard for CO2 powered tire inflation since day one. Our commitment to revolutionary products, a 100% product inspection process, and Lifetime Warranty all provide you, our customer, a guarantee that you are purchasing the highest quality CO2 inflation products on the market.

In 2012, Genuine Innovations was purchased by Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Genuine Innovations is now part of ITW, Global Tire Repair, a recently organized, innovative group of companies and brands dedicated to tire repair,care and maintenance in the retail and OE markets.

Whether you’re trying to get to work or to the top of a mountain, just remember, Genuine Innovations will get you there. While three little atoms may not seem like much by themselves, it’s what you do with those three little things that matters.

Proudly supporting the cycling community and local bike shops everywhere.